TAT Srl works in the industrial systems sector and anywhere process automation and computerised data acquisition and management systems have to be implemented. 

The experience gained over the years working in the automation of dyehouse and textile finishing has lead us to develop an ability to use the technical know-how we have acquired to work on projects and also operate in many other sectors. The integration of systems has over time become our main activity and we do so using the best, modern technology available in the automation field. 

Our skills: 

Support and installation of IT systems for data acquisition and management;
Monitoring of industrial plants; 
Software design and management on request; software use and development in C++, Visual C, C Sharpe and Visual Basic, ...; 

Development and installation of programs and management software for SETEX, Schermuly Textile Computer systems and the Official Italian Distributor for their sale, technical support; broad knowledge of Setex products, both for continuous machinery (finishing) and for discontinuous machinery (dyehouse and laundries) and their use and integration with other dyehouses and textile finishing systems.

SIEMENS system integration: development, installation and maintenance of Siemens systems, Scada System – WinCC Flexible – Protool / Pro – TIA Portal, Simatic S7-200 / S7-300 / S7-1200-S7-1500 ; Integration of Siemens products for automation in the textile and industrial sector in general. 

Axis control systems and applications for reels, unwinders and continuous machinery with electrical axis with Siemens products.